Rated 3.0

Sacha Baron Cohen returns with a third film based on one of the characters from his Da Ali G Show. This time out, he’s Brüno, a gay, disgraced Austrian TV fashion show host who has come to America to seek fame. While here, he exposes homophobes, crashes TV talk shows, and makes a pass at a former presidential candidate. Cohen also has fun satirizing American celebrity, most notably Madonna and Angelina Jolie’s “accessorizing” with adopted children from foreign lands. The movie isn’t as consistently funny as Borat, but it does have its share of good laughs. Whatever Cohen does next, he’s bound to give the folks at the MPAA some major headaches. Some will undoubtedly think this one goes too far—folks were leaving my screening, muttering on their way out. Don’t bring the kids, unless your kids like talking dicks, bleached buttholes and swinger parties, in which case it’s Sunday matinee time!