Brothels stay

Last week, a federal lawsuit filed in February 2019 by attorney and anti-prostitution proponent Jason Guinasso was dismissed in United States District Court. The Mustang Ranch issued a statement about the decision stating that it had filed to intervene in the lawsuit, which it described as aiming “to criminalize prostitution throughout Nevada, arguing that legal brothels were allowing sex trafficking to flourish throughout the state.”

The brothel’s statement also included comments from owner Lance Gilman.

“We are extremely pleased that the United States District Court deemed this lawsuit baseless and without merit and, as such, dismissed it,” Gilman said. “However, we are equally frustrated at the persistent and reckless attempts by Mr. Guinasso to ban Nevada’s historic brothel industry through incendiary allegations that are steeped in moral judgement rather than facts and education.”

Guinasso was representing three women who claimed to have been victims of sexual violence and trafficking in Nevada an other states. U.S. District Judge Mirana Du cited jurisdictional grounds in dismissing the case. The women’s suit pointed to a century-old U.S. law prohibiting the transportation of women across state lines for prostitution.