Brokeback Mountain

Rated 5.0

Best love story in many years. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal break hearts as two 1963 cowboys who get a little lonely while watching a herd of sheep. They discover major feelings for each other, and their forbidden relationship carries on through the years. Honest, beautiful direction by Ang Lee, one of the year’s best soundtracks and incredible work from the two leading men. Ledger plays Ennis, and it is his best work since Monster’s Ball. Wearing an eternal scowl, the only time Ennis lights up is when he’s around his friend. Gyllenhaal is equally good as Jack Twist, a man who doesn’t care what people think and just wants to be with the one he loves. Michelle Williams is perfect as Ennis’s disenchanted wife, as is Anne Hathoway as Twist’s domineering spouse. Lee has made a movie about pure love, and its effect is devastating. A great film.