Broke the ice

A section of an Antarctic ice shelf nearly the size of New York City broke into icebergs in April after an ice bridge collapsed. The ice takes up roughly 270 square miles, and it joins about 143 square miles of ice that cracked from the shelf recently when the ice bridge shattered. It broke from the northern front of the Wilkins Ice Shelf. According to a report from Reuters news agency, this is “the latest of about 10 shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula to retreat in a trend linked by the U.N. Climate Panel to global warming.” Angelika Humbert, glaciologist at the University of Muenster in Germany, told Reuters that Wilkins could lose 308-1,158 square miles of area after the bridge broke. The loss of these ice shelves won’t raise sea levels much, Humbert told the paper, but a bigger concern is that their loss will allow ice sheets on land to move faster, which would add water to the seas.