Bring your own patchouli

Just in case you were planning on tokin’ at 4:20 p.m. June 8, don’t. Instead, join your fellow would-be tokers and concerned citizens at The Free Nevada Free Concert at Deux Gros Nez coffeehouse, 249 California Ave. The event, which will feature music by the band Stale Ale, is headed up by Stephan Pacheco, a local writer and founder of, and co-sponsored by Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement and the Libertarian Party. Registered voters can sign a petition to amend Nevada’s medical marijuana bill so that citizens over 21 cannot be arrested for having fewer than three ounces of marijuana in their possession. "Liberty Core mainly focuses on the overcoming of fears," Pacheco says, adding that he sees the decriminalization of marijuana as an important step in ensuring the freedom and privacy of Nevadans. "It’s like the Christians going into the catacombs," he says of the acts of secrecy required of those who smoke recreational or medicinal pot. "And it’s just marijuana."