Bring on the Heat

Golf, kayak, fly, catch some art, catch some rays, nab a bargain

and leap into the Truckee River

this summer in Reno

Summer’s almost over. I know, I know. It hasn’t even officially started. And I don’t mean to stress you out here. But the warm days, packed with outdoor activities like hiking, biking and toasting in the sun’s glorious but toxic ultraviolet-ness, won’t last that long. Nor will the cool summer nights, filled with music, art, drama and clear, starry skies. If you get busy at work—or if you hole up too long in the living room with your new home theater system—you might miss Summer 2002.

Last year, I fully intended to make the most of the season. I was going to take my kids to a dozen Artown activities and to the weekly farmers’ markets. We were going to take trips to Pyramid and Tahoe, have picnics in the park and go hiking in the Black Rock Desert. But I blinked in mid-June, and when I opened my eyes, it was late August.

Moments flutter away.

This summer will be different. Those dire, daily threats on the front page of the newspaper make us look at how we spend our time. With that in mind, we’re offering you a few diverse things to enjoy in the coming months.

Staff writer Carli Cutchin goes swimming in the Truckee River—jumping from high cliffs with fearless teens, and Gabriel Doss ventures to the largest flea market in the area. Contributing editor Kelley Lang takes a look at a golf program designed for women, and D. Brian Burghart talks to the owner of a Truckee River kayaking business.

Associate editor Adrienne Rice explains how she saved dough while planning for her July wedding, and I take flight in an ultralight aircraft with pilot Mitch Olsen.

Finally, our summer calendar of events will give you just a glimpse of the many activities the Truckee Meadows has on tap for the coming months. So take a deep breath, delete the mundane from your day planner and let summer begin—before it’s over.

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