Breast of Northern Nevada

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

First off, to that woman calling random phone numbers at the Sacramento News & Review to complain about the exposed nipple in the Reno News & Review Burning Man issue: I measured that nipple, and it was less than 3 points in diameter (a 24th of an inch). I don’t even begin to get concerned until the nipple is bigger than the opening in my coffee cup (and I have quite the large, puffy coffee mug). Couldn’t you help out at the school or something? To the world at large: Does this photo,, make you feel—I don’t know—frisky? Anybody else feel it might corrupt the minds of our youth? Anybody else never been on the Web?

Along other lines, it’s time for the Best of Northern Nevada readers’ poll again. The ballot has been running for two weeks back in the classified section. This week, it’s on pages 39 and 40. The legitimate ballot-box stuffing has already begun. “What’s legitimate?” you ask. Well, it’s when a person or a business encourages people to fill out ballots but doesn’t attempt to make up names and contact information, doesn’t photocopy, doesn’t complete ballots for other people, and doesn’t bring or send me more than five completed ballots in one envelope. The rules are on the ballot.

I tell you this for two reasons. First, when people participate in large numbers, we actually get to the truth of who has the best Mexican food in Reno and Northern Nevada, where the best bar is, who does the best lap dances. Second, we get hundreds upon hundreds of these ballots; every single ballot-box stuffer I stop before they get started saves me work.

Our whole premise is to encourage participation but to prevent the most obvious methods of cheating—not that there isn’t room in the rules for creativity. Not to be redundant, but that means we want every ballot to be completed by a unique individual with contact information. The deadline is 4 p.m. on Sept. 23.