Breakfast of champions

Matt Waage

Matt Waage is one of Reno’s premier rockers. The guitar player has been a regular on local stages for years now. He’s not what you’d call a morning person, though. RN&R staffers D. Brian Burghart and David Robert caught up with him as he made his way over to Mr. O’s for some coffee with sugar to go with his breakfast smokes. The lanky musician is always ready for a quick interview, but it’s pretty easy to see he needs his coffee before he gets talkative.(Parking lot outside of Dick & Janes)

What’s new, man?

Might get a job at the Stock Exchange.

Doing what?

Security, maybe.

What are you doing today?

Just getting some coffee over at Mr. O’s.

Do you live around here?

Yeah, with my aunt, over on Plumb and Lakeside. You want to go get some coffee?

(At Mr. O’s)

So what’s going on these days, got any bands going?

I’m trying to get a band together. Tonal. T-O-N-A-L. But we still need a drummer.

What all bands have you been in?

Started out with my own band, Trance. My bassist moved away, so we started Source with Steve Foht, Nick Ramirez, Hudson Flannigan and myself. I tried out for GunShot Licker, but Stacey [Tolle] wanted to do GunShot Licker stuff, and I kind of wanted to do my own songs. I’ve just kind of been doing solos since then. I’ve been trying to get something together, with audio-visuals, with Tonal.


I’m doing the Celebrity Bandwagon at Burning Man with Brüka.

Have you played at Burning Man before?

I’ve never played at Burning Man. I’ve played at Burning Man parties.

Who’s your favorite band around town?

Cranium. [They’re] like math rock.

Who does your nails?

I do.

What’s on them?

Just multi-colors. That one’s kind of turning into a skull.

(Dave Foto) Been making any clothing lately?

Yeah, I just made this (indicates necklace). I just made this ring out of a spoon.

Anything else going on?

Not really. Could you be sure to get in that I’m looking for a drummer?