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Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

So, which would you rather talk about: Facebook or third dates?

Hmm. Thought so. Despite my best efforts, I’ve discovered myself addicted to Facebook. Not in that horribly addicted way where I have to check to see what my Facebook friends are up to every 15 minutes or so, but I’m likely to log on at least once a day, and I may even use the tweet function (What are you doing right now?) if I happen to log on when I’m avoiding actually doing something (like going to bed or getting ready for work). I tried to develop a similar fondness for, but it just wasn’t sophisticated enough for my tastes.

I can only assume there are some readers who don’t know what Facebook is. It’s really just an ongoing internet house party among A) your real friends B) your Facebook friends C) the businesses you are stupid enough to verify as friends so they can send their marketing bullshit directly into your brain. With Facebook, all you have to do is go to, establish an identity, and start searching around for people you either actually think are cool because you know them or think are cool because you know of them.

Wanna be friends?

I don’t know about you, but I was happy to see the solstice come and go. I’m so ready for a little more light in my life. Come on March 8, let’s have a little daylight saving time.

And by the way, Arts Editor Brad Bynum has been looking for a name for an arts blog for something like eight months now. Not to say he’s procrastinating, but he’s blocked. He asked me to invite readers to submit names for his blog, but I thought I’d make it more interesting. If your name for his blog lands on my desk sooner than his name for his blog, and I choose yours, you win his job. Just kidding, Brad. (Psst, I’m only kidding a little bit.)