Rated 4.0

Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein deliver star-making performances as Amy and Molly, two super smart high school students looking to get crazy on graduation eve after years of hitting the books and missing all of the fun. Olivia Wilde makes a smart and funny directorial debut, with a film that feels like a relative of Superbad, which makes sense considering Feldstein is Jonah Hill’s little sister. (They both do those wide eyes when dryly delivering wise-assed asides.) Besides this dynamic duo, the film is blessed with the presence of Skyler Gisondo (of Santa Clarita Diet) as Jared, the super sweet and dorky rich kid, Jason Sudeikis (Wilde’s husband) as the school principal, and Lisa Kudrow and Will Forte as Amy’s parents. Best of the supporting cast is Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher, as the oddball student who keeps magically showing up at every party Amy and Molly visit. The film is consistently funny, and just a little dark and nasty, with Wilde and cast navigating nicely from very funny to very awkward moments. Feldstein has comic chops equal—and perhaps even better—than her brother’s, so here’s to hoping this is the start of her headlining career.