Rated 1.0 OK, it is officially time to chill out with the horror movies, and especially the PG-13 ones. These things are pretty bad, a dime a dozen, and they’re giving a good genre a bad name. The latest offender, the trashy Boogeyman, isn’t nearly as bad as Alone in the Dark, but it’s horrendous all the same. This is essentially a decent 10-minute movie stretched out to 90. The whole Boogeyman mystique would seem to be decent fodder for a feature film, but this one doesn’t know what to do after its rather scary beginning, where a little boy’s papa is snatched into the closet by the title character. The kid, Tim, grows up to be Barry Watson, the pretty boy from 7th Heaven with negligible acting abilities. The screenplay has the Boogeyman targeting Watson for reasons unexplained, and director Stephen T. Kay does his best to draw out the action with lots of pretty camera movements and slo-mo. Kay has a decent sense of style with his filmmaking, but this film is the very definition of over-stylized.