Rated 2.0

Workers and patrons at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968 await the arrival of presidential candidate Robert Kennedy on the day of his assassination. Writer-director Emilio Estevez gives us a lot of intertwining character stories, ultimately too much. This movie has some very good moments, but it needs to have the fat trimmed. For instance, a story starring Demi Moore as a cabaret singer (with Estevez playing her husband) is useless, as is a silly LSD scene starring Ashton Kutcher as a bible-loving hippie. Stories that work better include Christian Slater as a kitchen manager in trouble for not allowing his staff to vote and Freddy Rodriguez as a kitchen employee upset about missing a Dodgers game. This is a period piece that overdoes the details, making it almost look like parody at times. A well meaning movie that doesn’t quite add up to much.