Bilingual Reno

Bilingual Reno

In February, the City of Reno launched a bilingual communications plan, beginning with Spanish and English versions of a TV commercial, Spanish social media pages and a Spanish-language web page.

“Over a quarter of our population is Latino,” said City Council member Oscar Delgado. “A big segment is Spanish-speaking only.”

“There’s an opportunity [for Spanish-speakers] to be part of boards and committees,” he said. “A lot of people don’t know that they can get involved.”

“Another big one for us is just constantly making sure they’re aware of any public safely issue taking place,” he added. In the case of a shooting, for example, accurate information in Spanish is now disseminated quickly via the city’s social media pages.

“We’re going to be really active on Twitter and Facebook,” Delgado said.

Additional plans include distributing Spanish versions of some of the City’s printed materials and possibly hiring more Spanish-speaking employees.

For more information, see “City of Reno en Español” on Facebook, visit, or use the Twitter hashtag #creemosreno.