Bike Furniture Design

Wouldn’t it be great to come home after a long bike ride and just plop your tired bones down on one of these slick, bike-furniture chairs? Since 1990, Bike Furniture Design founder Andy Gregg has refined his original designs using recycled steel and aluminum bike rims, handlebars and frames. Gregg also offers barstools, coat racks, rockers, ottomans, side tables and cocktail tables. The glass tabletops are recycled from vehicles, such as Volkswagen bugs and tinted locomotive windows, and some designs include surplus automotive seatbelt webbing for seating upholstery. For the most part, the seating areas are made of semi-inflated tire tubes, but the newest chair designs include clear, acrylic seating. Hmm … I wonder if he could use that deep-dish racing wheel I bent up on Broadway last weekend.