Bigfoot ball

The black and bleu burger at Sasquatch Tavern in Verdi.

The black and bleu burger at Sasquatch Tavern in Verdi.

Photo by AMY BECK

Sasquatch Tavern and Grill is open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to midnight;
Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to midnight.

I’ve never seen a sasquatch, but I don’t discount the fact they could exist. If so, it seems a lot more likely that the sasquatch would hang out in Verdi rather than Reno. Bigfoot just strikes me as more of a small town creature who wouldn’t get into the gambling and nightlife that Reno has to offer, so it makes sense that Verdi would offer up a tavern and grill named for the illustrious creature.

My friend Tim and I headed up there on a weekday for lunch. The Sasquatch Tavern and Grill is a small setup with a large bar on one side and a smaller dining area on the other. While it’s dark inside, it’s not scary dark. A large stone fireplace sits in the corner with a sasquatch statue on the mantel. There’s also a mural of a sasquatch hitchhiking. The place appears to have been recently updated as the floors and booths all looked new. The bar is still old-school style, but welcoming none the less. Tim and I sat down and were promptly greeted by the smiling, attractive bartender, Lauren. We decided to start with some beers, a Newcastle and Icky, both on draft ($4.50), while we looked over the menu.

The menu was so varied that I was kind of shocked. Choices ranged from a brie plate covered in apricots to prime rib to stir fry. The call of the Yeti must have awakened the carnivores inside us, because both Tim and I opted for a burger. I got the Black and Blue Burger ($9.50) while Tim went with the Mushroom Burger ($9.50). When the burgers arrived, I was astounded by the size of the plates that were filled with a giant burger and a giant serving of french fries. I had actually ordered onion rings, but when I saw how good the fries looked, nice and crispy, I didn’t bother to say anything. My burger was large and cooked perfectly, still pink inside just the way I requested it. The meat had a nice fresh flavor, and I liked the blue cheese on top. The menu indicated that the burger was pan fried in Cajun spices, but I didn’t taste any heat. The bun was soft, and the lettuce and tomatoes on the side were crisp.

Tim’s burger was frigging amazing. Not just a typical mushroom burger, this was a mushroom Swiss teriyaki burger with sautéed mushrooms and onions that brought out the flavor of the meat so well, I knew right then and there that I would drive back out to Verdi for this hamburger anytime. This is a messy burger, but Lauren quickly returned with more napkins and even some wet naps.

During the meal, we decided to order a Tanqueray and tonic ($4.25) for me and Maker’s and Coke ($4.50) for Tim. Holy Moses, do they pour a strong drink there! I was practically breathing fire after one delicious sip. Thank goodness we had the giant burgers to balance out the strong drinks or it would have been a dangerous ride out of town. We had arrived right before lunchtime, and the place started to quickly fill up with what appeared to be a lot of locals. The overall vibe was relaxing and comfortable and if I lived in the area, I would be there all the time. Do yourself a favor and head up to Verdi and check this place out. Even if you never get to see a real sasquatch, at least you can eat at the tavern and grill.