What high hopes Republicans had when, for the first time in recent history, they took both houses of the Nevada Legislature. It’s difficult to grasp the extent of the betrayal by the Republican Senate leadership of their party, our state and even our nation, playing out at this moment.

The treachery of the Nevada Senate Triumvirate—Sens. Michael Roberson, Ben Kieckhefer and Greg Brower—is astonishing! They have orchestrated the largest tax increase in Nevada history through the Senate. The question must be asked, Why elect Republicans?

Sen. Brower is blocking Assembly Bill 148, campus carry, denying students over 21 who have concealed weapon permits the right to defend themselves on campus. The brutal rape of Amanda Collins—who was denied the right to defend herself—must be meaningless in Brower’s world. If he’s willing to tread underfoot her rights, what about your rights?

Brower refuses to give hearings to other pro-Second Amendment bills including A.B. 139, A.B. 404 and A.B. 357. Greg Brower, the Benedict Arnold of the Second Amendment, refuses to give these important gun bills a hearing. How many Republicans knew that Brower would betray their right to keep and bear arms when they voted for him in November 2012?

Call Senator Brower and ask him why he is refusing to hear AB148, campus carry (775-684-1419, Ask him why he is opposed to defending our Second Amendment rights?

Sen. Kieckhefer, as the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has bottled up A.B. 405, parental notification on abortion. It should not even be in Finance. The Triumvirate put it there to kill it. A.B. 405 provides that parents be notified when their minor daughter is to have the serious surgical procedure of an abortion.

Ben Kieckhefer, the Benedict Arnold of parental rights, is refusing to allow a hearing on A.B. 405. To get an aspirin, tattoos, ear piercing or a salon suntan, minors must have parental consent. Is Kieckhefer blocking this bill to protect Planned Parenthood, which preys on frightened little girls? Even some pro-choicers think parents should be notified.

Call Sen. Kieckhefer. Ask him why he refuses to send A.B. 405 to Senate Health and Human Services for a hearing (775-684-1450, Why does he oppose parents’ rights and protecting little girls?

Call Senator Roberson, the No. 1 Benedict Arnold, and ask him why his lieutenants are refusing to hear A.B. 148, campus carry, and A.B. 405, parental notification. Ask him why he is against the Second Amendment and parental rights (775-684-1481,

The Triumvirate of Benedict Arnolds in the Nevada Senate leadership is endangering the Republican Party’s future, but more importantly, endangering our Second Amendment freedoms and sacred parental rights.