Best Of times

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Election Day might still be 18 months away, but you can vote now in our annual Best of Northern Nevada readers’ survey. Now is your opportunity to chose your favorites among your friends and neighbors. Which local restaurant is really the best? Which hair stylist? Which casino?

The bragging rights for this contest are huge. Winning businesses proudly display their victory plaques going back years, even decades. The RN&R has been conducting this contest since I was still wearing short pants. It’s a sacred ceremony of pain and frustration, thousands of sleepless nights and “Can I just confirm the spelling of the name of your business?” phone calls.

Accept no cheapie knockoff wannabe contests.

Just like last year, we’re going to hold two rounds again this year. The first round is an open ballot primary where readers can write in and vote for their favorite businesses, personalities, animals, minerals and abstract concepts. Voting for the first round begins May 2 and ends June 6.

For the second round, voters will select the winners from a small group of finalists. The final round will begin June 20 and end July 18.

One ballot per email address per round. Each ballot must contain votes in a minimum of 10 categories. For businesses with more than one location in our readership area, please specify an address. For more information—and for some of this same information repeated verbatim but presented in a much prettier design—check out the promo on page 9.

And most important of all, go to and get to votin’.

Tell your friends.