Best of times

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

This is our biggest issue of the year, the results of our Best of Northern Nevada readers’ poll. That’s “biggest,” as in “most pages,” but also as in “most read.” There are folks out there who only pick us up once a year, just to scan the results of the readers’ poll. So, I’d like to take a moment to address those once-a-year readers. …

Hi, folks! Thanks for picking up a copy of the Reno News & Review. This newspaper actually comes out every week. Crazy, huh? I don’t know how we do it, either.

Go ahead and have a seat. Let me introduce you to the team. News editor Dennis Myers is our point person with detailed analysis on local, regional and statewide issues. We’ve been the linchpin of local arts coverage for decades—nobody knows the local art, music, theater, food and drink scenes as well as we do. Arts editor Kris Vagner leads that charge. Indispensable special projects editor Jeri Chadwell-Singley is our cleanup hitter, taking on a variety of projects with aplomb. Calender editor Kelley Lang oversees the most comprehensive events listings in the valley. We’re also lucky to have a few longtime contributors, like gloriously cranky movie critic Bob Grimm and beatific columnist Bruce Van Dyke.

Over on the west side of our building, sales manager Emily Litt, rainmaker Gina Odegard, and ad consultants Myranda Keeley and Kambrya Blake work hard making sure that the rest of us have a roof over our heads. Distribution manager/operations coordinator Kelly Miller holds it all together. And you’d never be able to find us without our distribution drivers.

And props are due to our design team, especially art director Margaret Larkin, who did a fantastic job laying out freelance illustrator Kate O’Hara’s beautiful work for this week’s issue.

Big thanks to everybody on the team. And thanks to you for reading. Hope to see you again soon. Next week, perhaps?