Best of Nothern Nevada 2004

It’s great to be the best

Illustration By Rick Sealock

You are the reason this is the best “Best of” in Northern Nevada

Here it is folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the results of the RN&R’s annual readers’ poll to determine what people, places and things are the very best in Northern Nevada.

This year seems especially symbolic, somehow. The Olympics in Athens, Greece, reminded us of what it really means to be the “best.” It means to try harder, to make a real effort to grab that unquantifiable—but recognizable—thing that allows one competitor to stand above all others. Being best is not just a category in an alt-weekly newspaper; it’s more than just the desire to have the highest quality customer service or tastiest drink or even smoothest putting green. It’s actually succeeding. It’s the desire, effort and execution that help to make all of Northern Nevada a better place to live. In many ways, topping the competition and always striving to put out a better effort than the ones before are what make us human.

This is also an election year. Voting must be on people’s minds because our readers sure stood up to be counted. Yes, there were those few who took the concept of a secret ballot to extremes and failed to put a name and contact information in the place provided, and there were those businesses who tried to illicitly tip the scales in their own favor—but those ballots made it into a special file and didn’t impact the results. There’s probably little reason to point out there were also businesses who honestly and in some cases successfully lobbied their customers to vote in their favor—it’s called a campaign—a clear analogy to the election that’s coming up in just two weeks.

But the RN&R’s Best of Northern Nevada readers’ poll is more than just a popularity contest. Many people keep it around to use as a resource throughout the year. Don’t know where to take your car when the tick becomes a clunk? Got a Mexican-food-favoring friend coming to visit? Look in the Best of; chances are you’ll be pleased with the results. After all, it’s your neighbors who voted. And if you find the readers’ choices unsatisfying, check out the editors’ picks, you know we’re always going to have our take on things.

Finally, congratulations to all the winners, and congratulations and thanks to you who recognized greatness and took the time to fill out a ballot.