Best of everything

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review.

I've gotten very good at predicting politics over the years, and I can sum it up in a very few words: Expect the worst outcome.

Please note, I'm not necessarily talking about government when I say this, although government is the entity most undermined by “worst outcome” politics. News editor Dennis Myers' story this week shows the relationship: The personality politics was smoke, anger and triumph, but the government and governance—the rubber on the roadwas the same old, same old. Even with the school funding increases, we're about even with where we were when we hit the nation's bottom with the state's education rankings. There's no way we can expect to improve, and if my view is accurate, we're going to have to fight just to stay as bad as we were.

But what about that $5,000 voucher that will allow parents to move their kiddies from one school to another? Think I'm being cynical when I say there will be parents who take the $5,000 out of Nevada's education money and deposit it in their own pockets rather than getting their children educated? Who wants to bet?


Welcome to Hillary Clinton for President's stormtroopers who moved into the offices on the floor below us. So far they seem pretty nice: Lana came up for a visit, and Adam helped us with our wi-fi. Tiffany just looks like she thinks I'm up to something. I think 405 Marsh Avenue just became Reno's Best Place to Illustrate a Conservative Backlash.


And speaking of the Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada, voting ended this morning at 7 a.m. We set it up so that the technology stops counting at 7 a.m., primarily because I think it's funny to make all those people who waited until the last minute stay up all night trying to create burner accounts to overcome the 71,842 votes that had already been recorded as of Monday.

Good luck, everyone. I'll bet it's going to be another beautiful issue.