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July 28 is approaching like a runaway train. That’s the date we’ll stop letting the public vote in our Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada readers’ poll, and that means the real work for staff will begin. Tallying votes is not that hard, to be honest, just time consuming. Sometimes we have to determine what was meant by a particular vote—which Nugget, John Ascuaga’s or the downtown Reno one?—but mostly it’s just a question of hashmarks on paper. Folks, you best get voting, because I know how things go, and you’ll be pissed at me if you don’t go to www.newsreview .com/reno/ballot/bestofreno11 and sign up and vote. You can also get there through our Facebook page at


I’ve been thinking about the plight of East Fourth Street since I wrote a cover story about the renovation I see there. One thing I mentioned in the story was that by building a new bus station, which helped with security on the street, new blight was created with the old bus station.

So, I started thinking about what might work there, could be done relatively cheaply, and would add a new cultural component to the street.

I thought a museum could prosper there, and I was talking the idea over with Spencer Hobson. He thought a gambling museum would be cool, and I think that’s a pretty good idea.

Another possibility is a Lincoln Highway museum. After all, the Lincoln Highway was a national project, and many other towns have taken advantage of their Lincoln Highway connections.

The final idea (this week) is a neon sign museum, which would be especially cool at night. I don’t know if there was ever another city with the variety of neon signs that Reno had. And as we mentioned in our June 9 story, “Signs of the times,” Will Durham, a collector of neon sign art, would like to put his work on permanent display somewhere. Just saying.

The city of Reno, which owns the old bus station property, should not contribute to the city’s blight, particularly when it would be easy to make that property a community asset.