Rated 4.0

Right now, it’s easy for you to see the new Robert Zemeckis film Beowulf in the standard 2-D format, and that would not be a waste of your time. The CGI film utilizing motion-capture animation is a vast improvement over The Polar Express, where Tom Hanks looked ghostly, stiff and creepy. But you’d also be doing yourself a tremendous disfavor if you didn’t at least attempt to catch the film, based on the classic book, in digital 3-D, something for which a majority of theaters are not equipped. So scour those movie listings thoroughly, and get thee to the digital 3-D theater for an experience that will blow your mind. While I wouldn’t call Beowulf an excellent movie due to some clunky dialogue and a couple of drawn-out stretches, I will call it an excellent experience in 3-D. Beowulf’s final battle with a fire-breathing dragon is, honestly, the most fun I’ve had watching any movie this year.