Being the change

More than 10,000 supporters signed the “Save a University Farm from Development” petition on, a petition created by Wendy Baroli from Grow for Me Sustainable Farm opposing the land rezoning of the Main Station Farm at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Baroli states in the petition letter: “… The food movement across this nation [includes] urban farming, sustainable agriculture, [and] school gardens, and in many places former parking lots are becoming small, thriving farms. University [of] Nevada Reno has its own 1,100 acre farm and USDA humane meat processing plant, and our current leadership is so shortsighted they wish to sell this jewel of our city for warehousing and commercial development. …

“We believe state-owned land belongs to the people. This is not just a local issue, but an issue that affects all food producers and consumers across this nation. We need to protect our food future. Please help save our university farm and our USDA meat packing plant from development.”

At the time of print, there were 10,995 signatures. They were presented to the Reno City Council at the land repeal meeting on Dec. 14.

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