Before Sunset

Rated 5.0 This is a mind-blowing romantic film from director Richard Linklater, a sequel to his 1995 film Before Sunrise. When the first film ended, two characters who shared an amazing night vowed to meet again six months later. This movie answers the question of whether they followed through. Nine years after their meeting in Vienna, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) meet in Paris and go for long walks where they pour out their feelings. Hawke and Delpy actually wrote their dialogue for this film, which feels remarkably natural and unrehearsed. Their conversations really hit home for me—this is a movie where I felt the creators tapped into my heart and brain. The characters have matured, and so have the performers. Ten years after the awful Reality Bites, Hawke has now established himself as one of the better actors of his generation, and Delpy is one of the more enchanting, intelligent actresses working today. Here’s to hoping we see where Jesse and Celine stand 10 years from now, because this is beautiful moviemaking.