Bee Movie

Rated 3.0

Jerry Seinfeld has devoted an awful lot of time to this thing. By the time of its arrival, I was sick of it before even watching it. In the end, the film is an amusing animated curio, but not much more. Seinfeld voices Barry B. Benson, a bee not content to work his life away in a hive. He leaves his home, meets up with a human lady (Renée Zellweger) and eventually sues the human race for stealing honey. Many of the jokes fall flat, and the film seems to think it’s awfully clever. It does manage a couple of good giggles, including some great cameos from Sting and Ray Liotta as themselves. Seinfeld is pretty good at the voiceover game, injecting Barry the bee with a fitting amount of exuberance. Zellweger’s Vanessa is rather cute, although her affections for bees are a bit strange. It’s fun to hear Patrick Warburton’s (David Puddy … that’s right) voice next to Seinfeld’s, constituting a reunion of sorts. Far from great, but entertaining enough for a Saturday afternoon.