Be aware

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Isn’t it funny how quickly things change? Dang, I’ve got to check my mood—not two minutes ago, I was envious of all the people who get to frolic in the sunshine today. As soon as I typed the “Isn’t it funny” line, my thoughts turned dark, and I started examining in my mind how when things change quickly, they’re almost always changing for the worse.

But I know for a fact that’s not true; the biggest, smallest, best events in a person’s life—the birth of a child, the arrival of a new cell phone, a high school graduation—all happen quickly as a raindrop splatters on a windshield. Still, take a deep breath and think about it, those sudden joyful events all come after days, months, even years of effort.

Sudden negative events, too, come on the heels of choices made way back on the path. Rare indeed are the instantaneous life-changes—hit the lottery, hit by a bus—that suggest our own personal universes are as random and entropic as the placement of electrons.

So I guess the thing to do is to consider, for the moment, how the choices I’m making right now are going to suddenly bear fruit at some point down the road. Is my choice to write about the events in my own head the snowflake that starts the avalanche? Maybe just thinking about how thoughtless—or thoughtful—behavior can change a life is a positive in and of itself.

It’s late morning now, and my trip down Pensive Lane has convinced me (for now) that we human beings can’t determine our fates through inaction. The way to ensure that those future instantaneous events fall into the positive column is by sowing the positive seeds now, when there are no dark clouds on the horizon, but a beautiful blue sky.