Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction

Rated 1.0

Sharon Stone returns to the role that made her famous, doing such a bad job the second time out that I’m embarrassed for enjoying her in the original. Catherine Tramell has moved to London, where her speech pattern has become permanently slow and slithery. After possibly killing her boyfriend in a driving-too-fast-while-getting-finger-banged accident, she’s diagnosed with risk addiction and put under a doctor’s care. Her shrink (played by David Morrissey) spends the majority of the film breaking more than a few vocational codes by following Tramell around and trying to have sex with her. Morrissey is a dullard, Stone can’t act, and the plot is ludicrous so—surprise!—the movie sucks balls. It was recently announced that Sharon Stone might want to direct Basic Instinct 3 and make an album soon, proving once and for all that the woman is completely insane.