Bars & Clubs Guide

Welcome to the RN&R’s 2007 Bars & Clubs guide!

There is an abundance of bars and nightclubs in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe…more than could possibly fit within these pages. And there are new establishments on the scene. Life is good when you can visit a different watering hole every day for about a year, all within an hour. Just save up some extra cash for the cab fares.

So we’ve decided to bring you a variety of the region’s popular drinking spots to help you plan those nights out on the town. When you get there, let ’em know the RN&R sent you. It probably won’t get you a free drink or a waived cover charge, but at least they’ll know what brought you in.

And remember, while many things mix well in a bar or club, there are two things which never do: Drinking & driving. So hand those keys over to someone sober. Or call a cab. We’d like to have you around for next year’s Bars & Clubs guide!