Bar Talk: Your worst hangover?

Asked at Paddy & Irene’s Irish Pub, 906 Victorian Ave., Sparks

Mike Trimm

Sales manager

I think that was actually last night. The day before, I went drinking with my boss. He pulled me out of work at like 1 o’clock, took us over to the Nugget, and we sat there and drank until 1 o’clock in the morning. So, yeah, I was hurting yesterday. I was piled up in bed at home. … It’s always the most recent one that’s the worst.

Hoyt Cain

Glass manufacturer

I was a bartender. … I went out with my buddy. … We drank an entire bottle of Cazadores. Then I get a phone call, “Hey, you’re supposed to be at work.” And I was like, “I’m too sick to go to work.” Well, unfortunately, the general manager of the bar was my mom, and she told me, “You can do one of two things. You can either get up and go to work, or you can get up and go to work.” So I got up and went to work. All that day, I had people asking for shots of tequila. Every time I’d smell it, bam! I’d have to run to the bathroom.

Annie Rathbun


It’s been quite a few years. It was, basically, starting out a couple glasses of wine, and then having dinner, which was Mexican food, and switching over to Margaritas. I was ill for probably three or four days behind that one, just violently sick. I was bed-ridden, and I had to wear my sunglasses in the house. That’s been the last time I’ve had too much to drink.

Tom Tuttle

Nevada state employee

My worst hangover was on tequila. It was back in the ’80s. I was with some friends of mine. We did a lot of tequila shots, and I hate tequila. I love it in a Margarita. I was with my buddies and I wanted to do that macho thing, so I was doing shots. … I ended up getting physically ill, and I found out that stomach acid will eat the varnish right off of a door. I couldn’t get to the bathroom quick enough, so I had a hell of a mess to clean up.

Kelly Hooper


I have to only pick one? It would have to be the night after my wedding. That was the last time I drank Cuervo. All my redneck family had drank all the alcohol. The keg was gone, everything was gone. The only thing left to drink was Cuervo, so that’s what I drank. I drank a lot of that, and it was a really bad hangover.