Bangkok Dangerous

Rated 1.0

Nicolas Cage is in wounded dog mode for Bangkok Dangerous, a listless, unimaginative and unexciting “diary of a hitman” movie that does little more than extend Cage’s suck streak. Cage, adorned with yet another terrible hairpiece, plays Joe, a somber hitman visiting Bangkok to complete some jobs for a shady businessman. He hires an errand boy named Kong (Shahkrit Yamnarm) after he sees him steal a wallet on the street. He also falls in love with a deaf woman. Cage is stuck in a rut. Movies like this, Ghost Rider, Next, and, oh God, The Wicker Man aren’t doing much to forward his career, and he’s damaging his actor’s rep with every mope-faced performance. He’s also not helping things much with his choice of hairpieces. Black and stringy to go with his pale white complexion, Cage seems to be going for that mid-1990s Trent Reznor look, but the result is something more like Christina Ricci circa Addams Family Values. Just shave your head like Bruce Willis does and call it a day!