Back on air

After a year hiatus, This Week in Energy (TWiE) podcast, cohosted by Renoite Bob Tregilus and Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from the U.K., is back on April 9 at 9 a.m. TWiE is a weekly podcast about news in the energy sector, and according to TWiE’s Facebook page, the show has “lots to report on—rising gas prices, opposition to wind energy, the UK and US ramping up nuclear programs while Germany and Japan abandon nukes, and much more.”

“We brought the show back because there’s a lot of interest in energy and energy policy,” Tregilus says. “There are so many major topics to discuss right now, like the oil embargo with Iran and the Keystone XL pipeline.”

TWiE’s first guest will be Art Berman, petroleum geologist and managing editor of The Oil Drum.

“It will be interesting to have him on, since natural gas is so important for Nevada,” says Tregilus. “Seventy percent of our energy comes from natural gas.”

The show has an international audience, and its guests, too, are from energy efforts around the globe. Tregilus hopes to have specialists from China on the show to discuss foreign energy policies.

Listen to the podcast live on Monday morning at Listeners can also participate in a chat, and can download the episodes to watch later.