Arts & culture

Readers’ choices

Best art gallery/museum

Nevada Museum of Art
Downstairs at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, 329-3333

2. Gene Speck’s Silver State Gallery, 719 Plumas St., 324-2323

3. Stremmel Gallery, 1400 S. Virginia St., 786-0558

Best local theater company

Brüka Theatre
99 N. Virginia St., 323-3221

2. Nevada Repertory Company, University of Nevada, Reno, 784-6847

3. Riverfront Theater, Club Cal-Neva Nevadan Tower, 133 N. Virginia St., 323-7469

Best local band

Saddle Tramps

2. Keyser Soze

3. The Atomiks

Best local dance company

AREA 51 Dance Theatre

2. Asha Belly Dancers

3. Nevada Festival Ballet, 1790 W. Fourth St., 785-7915

Best church

Reno Buddhist Church-Eikyoji Institute
820 Plumas, 348-6603

2. The Little Flower Church St. Jude Shrine, 875 E. Plumb Lane, 322-3355

3. Reno Christian Fellowship, 1700 W. Zolezzi Lane, 853-4234

Best special event in downtown Reno


2. Hot August Nights

3. Street Vibrations

Best special event in downtown Sparks

Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off

2. Sparks Farmers’ Market

3. Hot August Nights

Best historic building still standing

Riverside Artists’ Lofts

2. Downtown Reno Post Office

3. Lear Theater