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Best place to see indie art

Blue Lyon Art Studio and Gallery
420 Evans Ave.

Amid the myriad mindless, sophomoric, inane instances of art here in Reno, there is one true gem of a gallery. I’d thought there would be a plethora of cutting-edged galleries whose proprietors understand the concept of irony, but so few fall so short of my exacting, big-city standards. But there’s one that brims with cynical, tongue-in-cheek cleverness, without bowing down to commercialism or espousing tired, clichéd artistic rhetoric. Maybe it was just the beer they gave me. Blue Lyon Art Studio and Gallery—even their address is clever, it’s at 420 Evans Ave.—had this provocative, original, splendidly intelligent white trash themed show last summer. They made art from macaroni and cheese. They said it was all in good fun, but I knew that they’re much cleverer there than they let on. I know that it’s postmodern commentary on the co-opting of lower class culture. How clever! I told them so, and they just laughed and told me they were glad to have me around.