Art you can’t sink your teeth into

The mosaic bras, tiled shoes, custom bar tops and animal-shaped end tables are all nice, but the cast bronze Wasa-cracker boxes are deluxe little fussily crafted morsels of metal made exquisite by sheer force of imagination.

San Francisco artist Laura Jacobs was one of the smart ones who didn’t listen back when Mom said not to play with her food. She’s made lost-wax castings directly from crackers. And melon rind. And a pork shank. The pieces are fused together, then translated to bronze containers with lids. Bronze “wood” handles tied on with bronze “string” suggest Jacobs’ toothsome crafts take a cue from traditional Japanese ceramics. They’re also products of the most light-handed postmodern metaphor-mixing.

Jacobs’ gracefully brash combo of snacks and metal spells “unrepentant dreamer.”