Art of the state

Stephen Cummings

Stephen Cummings had a crayon in his hand when he came roaring into the world. “I have been drawing since I can remember,” he says. “My first memory of it comes from a time when I was 5. But I had a pencil—or a crayon, as the case may have been—even before this.”

As a boy, Cummings was encouraged by his family and teachers to develop his talent for art, but none of them knew how far Stephen’s talent would propel him.

About 15 years from his recollection of drawing, Stephen is an accomplished artist; he creates drawings, paintings and murals, and, in a few months, will be “trying [his] hand at photography and 3-D media.”

On talent alone, one can only go so far, and Stephen recognizes that his successes have been a team effort.

“My parents have always been exceedingly supportive not only in funding my exploration of art, but also encouraging me to develop my skills,” he says. And Cummings can’t forget the teachers who taught him a new technique or dished out much-needed advice.

Now a freshman at Arizona State University pursuing a fine arts degree and working a part-time job, Cummings finds himself in a predicament. He must make time between school and work to promote his artwork. In a world where one out of 20 aspiring artists are able to find success, Stephen is holding on and hoping to get some recognition.

Cummings will return home to Reno this summer. Those who’d like to view, purchase or commission work can contact him at

Jenny Burrows is a student at Galena High School.