Art and poetry

Rainshadow High School students get creative



Maria Reyes, 16, Rainshadow High School

A Mother's Life

If you cry or yell,

I'll be there.

If you want a friend to stay until the end,

I got you.

Craving a slice or two,

Don't worry, I'll buy it for you.

walk in the park or a late movie,

I'll be there in the quickness.

When it comes to you,

I'll put you first!

Alicia Henry, 17, Rainshadow High School

My pride and joy, you're my first son born.

You're my life!

You have much to learn,

But your daddy and I will show you.

Watching you grow will make me smile,

You're my little boy.

Alexander Angelo,

Your name is so cute, I love you.

March 12, 2015 is the due date

But I told you'll be here sooner!

I wonder what you look like,

What smile you'll have.

Jessica Sellers, 17, Innovations High School

What colored eyes? I wonder!

You're mine and your dad's baby.

If you need me,

I'll be there for you.

That One Boy

He was that kid who sat in the back of the classroom

Quiet as can be

Never caused problems in class

Outside of the classroom he was a terror

He lit trash cans on fire

Threatened a whole student body

Got mad over a cigarette

Was expelled for lighting a bush on fire

Roxanne Fonseca, 15, Rainshadow High School

When he was really trying to put it out

He never went back to school

He lives his life struggling

Says he's stupid for not graduating

He will get his GED when ready

Knows to get his shit together if he wants to go anywhere in life

His girlfriend is counting on him


The unknown is a creepy state

trying to scale it, and find the rate

ima find it out before its too late

trying to get away from it but its coming up with more space

laced with emotional terror and distrust in the air

Tanya Marquez, 18, Rainshadow High School

but at the end you'll be caught in this rare



As I walked through these empty halls I started to feel this creeping feeling

It was only a slight feeling but as I kept walking it grew more and more

It went down my back like a cold sweat

When it reached my feet I suddenly lost the urge to stand

I fell to my knees and I had the sudden urge to scream

As I was screaming a cold white hand landed on my shoulder

When that happened I felt my vision blur and suddenly I was gone


You sit there being gay,

Come out to play,

Rainbow everything,

Cody Olsen, 16, Rainshadow High School

Bells ring a-ling,

At the pride parades,

Drag queens wear braids,

Everyone's so happy,

Today isn't even crappy,

Even kids have fun,

No one will run,

Everyone is welcome,

Guys are wearing denim,

There's so many colors,

There's tons of dollars.

Invisible Friend

I am tall and small,

Anthony Guillen, 17, Rainshadow High School

I wonder who will see me,

I hear yawns,

I see shadows,

I want to have friends,

I am tall and small.

I pretend I am normal,

I feel lost,

I touch fur,

I worry about wilting,

I cry when you toss me around,

I am tall and small.

I understand that you can't see me,

I say I wish you could,

I dream about us playing,

I try not being scared so you can see me,

I hope you can see me someday,

I am tall and small.

What am I?