Rated 2.0

This movie about armored truck drivers planning a massive heist has a good start and some good moments, but ultimately feels long at less than 90 minutes. Columbus Short plays Ty, a down-on-his-luck rookie guard for an armored truck company who learns of a plot to steal millions, masterminded by his good buddy and coworker, Mike (Matt Dillon, in a decent scary turn). Of course, the plan goes horribly awry, and Ty finds himself in a battle with his co-conspirators. Director Nimród Antal sets most of the action in an abandoned mill of some sort, and it mostly consists of Ty locked in one of the trucks trying to figure out what to do. This actually gets quite boring quite fast, and an array of good performances can’t overcome this major shortcoming. Still, I have two words that almost make this worth seeing … SKEET ULRICH!