Are you prepped for the playa?

The countdown to Burning Man has begun

Photo By Kat Kerlin

There’s only so much preparation one can do for Burning Man. You’ve got your big jugs of water, your shelter of choice—be it tent, geodesic dome materials or RV—and your earplugs. (Don’t forget your earplugs.) But the rest—the important stuff, like spontaneity, inspiration, letting go, opening up and having fun—is purely up to you, and there’s little we at the RN&R can do to help you. What we can do is help you find a cheap bike, give you some ideas for costumes, a Burning Man survival kit and ways to keep the playa clean. We’ve even provided a little quiz to help you determine whether you should take your kid to this huge, crazy party in the desert (Geez, it has tamed down a bit). We can also help you on your way. Here are the directions, courtesy of, from Reno to Black Rock City, population 45,000-plus:

Take I-80 east for about 30 miles. Take the Wadsworth/ Pyramid Lake exit 43 to Hwy. 447. Go 1 mile to Wadsworth, and turn left, staying on Hwy. 447. It’s then 78 miles to Gerlach. From Gerlach continue on Hwy. 447 for one mile to the fork. Take the right-hand fork, Hwy. 34, and continue 11 miles to the Burning Man entrance. Await smiling, dusty strangers and friends who will no doubt tell you, “Welcome home.”

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