AR you for real?

Well, this gun control reaction after Parkland has now entered the Zone of Insane. As usual. I mean, the shit politicians keep knocking around—increased background checks, raising the gun age from 18 to 21, banning bump stocks—it’s not nothing. It’s not. But it’s also not that big of a goddamn deal. This is all frightfully easy slam dunk legislation, and it should be a complete no-brainer, but in our current legislatures, the folks who want to pass some semi-sane laws are usually outnumbered by Senator Guns and Congressman Ammo, and they endlessly squabble over all this chickenshit stuff like the fate of the union depended on it, and you know, come on already! Because, really, it should also be frightfully easy to ban the bloody assault weapons. At this point, is there any downside at all to banning AR-15s? Do we have anything whatsoever to lose with the banning of these human-shredding thingamajigs?

It’s not gonna fix our madness. Hell no. But it just may reduce the madness. Shit, let’s make it a little harder for a troubled, violent 19-year-old boy to pick up a super violent massacre machine. Don’t have it on sale at the fucking Gun Mart. OK? Is that reasonable?

The House Intelligence Committee mercifully ended its miserable, useless existence. Good. It was like a rabid dog. Put it down. We’ve all known for months this committee, headed by Traitor to America and Future Mar-A-Lago Butler Devin Nunes, was completely lame. Good riddance. An execrable committee that had one job—to give Dum Dum cover. And to wipe the spittle from the corners of his mouth whenever he starts to foam up. They did their jobs like good bots. They did it for The Party, all the way, without even the tiniest hiccup of conscience or duty to the Constitution. So nuts to all the Republicans on that jagoff committee. Just flat out fuck ’em. They’re slimebucket traitors, and they suck goat cheese through a straw.

Here’s a lesson from next door. When Jerry Brown moved into the Governor’s office in 2011, California had a nasty little budget deficit of $27 billion. In 2012, Brown and the Democrats did the smartest thing they could—they voted to raise taxes on rich people. Those taxes were re-authorized in 2016, and now, Brown will leave California with a rather cozy little $6 billion surplus. Lesson? Good things happen when you tax the rich folks properly. For starters, it’s pretty cool that their damn checks don’t bounce.