Appoint Cafferata to the Nevada Senate

In a move that altered Nevada’s political landscape for years to come, Sen. Bill Raggio, R-Reno, has decided to retire. Although I have not always agreed with Sen. Raggio, I immensely respect him, and I will take this opportunity to offer my gratitude for his years of service to this great state. Thank you, Senator. You will be missed. You leave behind a legacy future generations will look to for inspiration.

Concerning who should be appointed to fill the vacancy, I have heard some pretty impressive names. All are amazing public servants with impeccable records, but after careful consideration, I have decided to fully endorse and publicly support Patricia “Patty” Cafferata for state Senate district 3.

The Washoe County Commission works for us, and they need to hear what we have to say. Call them immediately and urge them to appoint Patty Cafferata to state Senate 3.

Cafferata has a resume to be envied. She is an attorney, former Nevada state treasurer, state assemblywoman, and district attorney of Lincoln, Lander and Esmeralda counties. Patty recently served as the executive director of the Nevada State Ethics Commission for two years, and this alone shows her character is above reproach.

In addition to her decades of service in the private and public sector, Cafferata is also a passionate advocate for Nevada history and the arts. She is the past president of the Reno Historical Society, and she was the attorney who represented the National Trust for Historic Preservation to oppose the demolition of the Mapes Hotel. She will be a voice for Nevada’s historical treasures, and that is something we desperately need. No matter how much fat we have to trim, we must properly preserve and protect our state’s beautiful history. Patty Cafferata will work tirelessly to do so.

A staunch advocate for low taxes and fiscal responsibility, Cafferata will hold the line and vote against job-killing tax increases. After many years running a successful small business, Cafferata knows this. She has made a payroll. She knows how to run a business and lead employees. The Senate needs these sorts of skills within its hallowed walls.

Since Senate district 3 falls entirely in Washoe County, the appointment will be made by the Washoe County Commission. Most likely this will be on the agenda for their next meeting Jan. 18. I have included a list of the commissioners as well as their emails and phone number. Please take the time to contact them and make your beliefs known. It is incredibly important for them to hear from us, their constituents.

I feel I must also address the Sharron Angle issue. I’m just going to say it—Sharron Angle will not be appointed to this seat. Period. It is not going to happen. Sen. Raggio and Mrs. Angle detest each other, and Raggio would chain himself to the Senate chamber door before he saw his old seat go to his nemesis. In all seriousness, if Angle had even a fool’s chance, Raggio would rescind his resignation and finish out his term. Give it up. It’s a waste of cell phone minutes to call the commissioners on this one. Angle for state Senate 3 is nothing more than tilting at windmills.

There is a candidate who has risen above the pack in the race for the state senate, and she deserves to be appointed. Please call the county commissioners and ask them to appoint Patricia “Patty” Cafferata to state Senate district 3.

Editor’s note: Sharron Angle withdrew her name from consideration for this position earlier this week.