Anti-women recalls studied

Court hearings last week focused on whether voters can remove their signatures from recall petitions once they sign them. It was an issue in hearings on whether or not two of three Republican attempts to recall three female state senators from office should go ahead.

The GOP is trying to win a Senate majority with recalls instead of regular elections.

The recall attempts against Clark County Sens. Joyce Woodhouse and Nicole Cannizzaro narrowly qualified for the ballot, and Democrats have rounded up more than enough requests from voters asking to have their votes removed from the recall petitions. The court will decide what to do with those requests. Nevada District Judge Jerry Wiese did not say when he will rule.

The recall of Woodhouse and Cannizzaro—together with another pending recall attempt against Sen. Patricia Farley—could give the GOP a Senate majority it did not win in the last regular election. The county says the three recalls would cost about $153,000.