Anti-labor website uses pro-labor name

A website for a group called the “Nevada’s Coalition for a Democratic Workplace” sounds like a pro-worker site. It’s not. A hint of this can be seen in the sponsors: The Nevada Association of Employers, Nevada Restaurant Association, Associated Builders and Contractors, the Reno-Sparks and North Las Vegas chambers of commerce, Builders Association of Western Nevada, Western Alliance Fund (founded by Jim Gibbons’ campaign manager), Nevada Independent Insurance Agents, Nevada Motor Transport Assoc., Associated General Contractors, plus the Nevada Prosperity Project (a front of the Reno Sparks Chamber) and something called “Citizen Outreach.”

The website is used to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), or “card check” legislation in Congress. If a group bearing the name Nevada Coalition for a Democratic Workplace actually exists other than as a website, it is likely a spinoff of the national Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW). SourceWatch, a site created to throw a spotlight on the backing of groups with misleading names, quotes a National Public Radio report that CDW is “an ad-hoc alliance of industry groups opposed to federal legislation that would make it easier for workers to unionize.”