Anti-abortion groups oppose petition

Several Nevada groups opposed to abortion issued a joint Jan. 11 statement saying that the “Prenatal personhood petition” would provide the courts with opportunity to issue undesirable court interpretations.

“We believe that advancements in science, such as DNA, and medicine, easily visible with sonograms, make the personhood of the unborn a reality recognizable to all. … We oppose abortion and support the right to life of the unborn,” the statement read. “Unfortunately, we believe the “Personhood” initiative petition filed in Nevada with good intent will not protect the unborn or stop abortion. A state personhood amendment cannot overturn Roe v. Wade. This amendment will harm the Pro-Life movement by giving pro-abortion courts more power to decide all matters relating to abortion, such as parental notification, informed consent, and taxpayer funding of abortion. These matters should be decided by the elected representatives of the peoples—state legislatures and Congress—not the unelected courts. We also believe that initiatives like these provide political and financial windfalls to abortion advocates and their candidates.”

The statement also asserted that voters should not define candidates on abortion according to their stances on the ballot petition. A candidate who opposes the petition is not necessarily pro-abortion, it said.