Angle not running for pope

Having blown the Republican Party’s chance to pick up Harry Reid’s Senate seat in the 2010 election, Sharron Angle is now ready to ride on to greater vistas and adventures, like blowing the GOP’s chance at the presidency.

Angle’s visit to Iowa—the first presidential caucus state—for a Christian movie premiere set the antennae of Des Moines Register political reporter Reid Forgrave quivering, and he addressed to Ms. Angle the unlikely question of whether she was planning to run for president. “I’ll just say I have lots of options for the future, and I’m investigating all my options,” Angle replied.

“She wouldn’t say that she was running for president. But she wouldn’t say that she wasn’t,” read the alleged news story, which was picked up widely and recycled by other media entities. The Register ran the scoop under the headline, “Sharron Angle comes to Iowa, doesn’t rule out presidential bid.” Angle also did not rule out a run for secretary general of the United Nations.