And across town

The Nevada Legislature wasn’t the only place in Carson City where public moneys found their way into private pockets.

The Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources gave $2,500 to the mining industry political organization, Nevada Mineral Exploration Coalition, to go to a trade show.

In an email message, a Commission spokesperson said, “NMEC staffs the booth at these trade shows and hands out geologic maps and publications done by the Division of Minerals. The intent is to attract companies to invest in mineral exploration and development in Nevada, which is consistent with the statutes for the Division of Minerals. The donation is made directly to the trade show for the booth, not NMEC. The funds used come from mining claim fees collected annually by the Division of Minerals.”

The Coalition came to notice in 2012 as one of seven mining industry organizations that poured money into a state senate district in Nevada to elect Republican Greg Brower over Democrat Sheila Leslie. As a state legislator, Leslie, now an RN&R columnist, sponsored a measure to repeal a mining industry tax loophole from the Nevada Constitution. Leslie's measure will appear on the ballot in November.