Anatomy of style

Five fall fashion trends

Photo By David Robert

Unlike the annual appearance of golden leaves, crisp air and shorter days in the fall, fashion is ever-changing. Refinement is in its nature. It aims to be different yet impressive, modestly bringing only flattery to those who wear it.

This fall, five fashion trends are stacked from the ground up, creating a style that can be found at a number of local boutiques, such as the Kalifornia Jean Bar, Chloe Bell, Concepts, Styles and The Never Ender.

1 Foot wear
Beginning at the feet, women’s pumps are second to flats. In the season of getting back into the swing of things, flats give that much needed comfort that pumps and heels lack. They also demand less attention, allowing due credit to the more important focal points further up the body.

For guys, pointed-toe boots are coming back strong. Already a fashion trademark of the American West, they’re neutral, allowing for an array of dress styles. They also give about an inch of added height and perhaps some extra confidence.

2 Fancy pants
Moving up to fall’s second trend, women’s high-waisted pants are high-fashion’s contribution to the mainstream. After over a decade of hiding, waist lines closer to the belly button rather than the hip bones have resurfaced as something chic and more sophisticated than low-rise pants.

As for guys, a good pair of boots can make most any denim look good. Just remember, not too baggy, not too tight.

Photo By David Robert

3 Go to waist
History continues to repeat itself in the midsection and third trend on the list with big, flashy belts for men. There’s always a centerpiece with a good outfit, so why not make it the belt? Rhinestones and metal studs are quite eye-grabbing. But if you fear that fine line between flashy and tacky, leave out the flair, but keep the width.

For girls, high-waisted pants can easily go without belts. But if a belt’s absolutely necessary, the wider styles are also suited well with higher waistlines.

4 Torso
Fourth up, complementary layers and shades of gray above the belt and below the neck are a sure trend this fall for both men and women. In a season of such vibrant colors, the neutral hue gives obvious contrast between people and their surroundings. And because gray is found in countless shades, layering with blazers, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts, ties and scarves is easy.

5 Over your head
The fifth and final trend ends at the head. For the girls, creative fixings with simple bandanas in the hair are a sure sign of fall. In a slew of colors and various patterns, bandanas are the trendiest item on the list and offer smooth transition between summer and winter garb.

For guys, nothing beats a good hair cut. But if hats are a must, newsboy-style caps and small-brimmed fedoras are not only in style for fall, but for the entire year.