Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Rated 1.0 A sequel to Anaconda only because it has some snakes in it, this time out the snake carnage isn’t nearly as fun. Some big-business types head an expedition into the jungle looking for a rare flower that contains a chemical that could prolong life. They set out on a river journey and are picked off by big snakes during mating season. While Anaconda had the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Jon Voight delightfully camping it up, the crew for this trip is entirely void of charisma and fun. The occasional snake attack has its moments, but any momentum is destroyed by the fact that the actors blow, and the scares are mostly routine. That crazy monkey from Friends, or one that looks like him anyway, steals the show with his frantic screeching and fruit licking. Seriously, the best moment in this movie is when a monkey puts its tongue on a banana.