An Inconvenient Truth

Rated 4.0

Al Gore is Eco-Superman, and you should’ve elected him president. That’s basically what this often interesting and scary documentary is saying. The segments dealing with the effects of global warming on our planet and some of the alarming danger signs that have revealed themselves in recent years are captivating. Gore, who actually comes off as a compelling and composed speaker in this movie, presents his one-sided arguments via a slide show he claims to have shown over a thousand times, and much of it is disturbing and ominous. At times, director Davis Guggenheim seems to think he is making a Gore campaign flick for the future, and those moments drag the film down a bit. When it sticks to the problems of global warming rather than dwelling on Gore’s history, it’s very good filmmaking. While it does little to discuss opposing views on global warming, it is certainly a film that will inspire thought and debate on the topic. (See cover story.)