American Static

Soundtrack of the Struggle

A name change is risky for an established band. After close to a decade, Grass Valley’s the Roustabouts changed their name to American Static last fall and then released their debut CD, Soundtrack of the Struggle. The new name fits perfectly, as Soundtrack channels influences from the last 100 years of American street music. With nods to Johnny Cash, Robert Johnson, Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags, American Static tells tales from front porches, factories, back alleys and backyard barbecues. “Youth” proclaims, “I have come of age. Still I keep my rage.” And “Poor & the Proud” praises the strong woman who stands beside a strong man. Their live shows are crowded with punks, skins and hardcore kids, but Soundtrack is aimed at anyone who appreciates the value of friends, family, guts and sweat.