American Reunion

Rated 2.0

American Reunion: The reality about the American Pie films is that they were never very good, or even just good. A couple of gross-out gags involving deflowered apple pie and tainted beer got some laughs in the original, but the rest of the film was pretty weak, with the sequels getting progressively worse through the terrible American Wedding. This chapter, which might very well be the last, gives Seann William Scott’s Stifler a nice showcase, but it also gives too much screen time to dullards like Thomas Ian Nicholas and Tara Reid. Bad actors manage to sink this one, which tries to pull the nostalgia heartstrings for characters most of us couldn’t give a damn about. As for the gross-out stuff, nothing reaches the level of the original film’s semi-clever nastiness. It’s time to set this franchise out to pasture.